Do you want to ride rushing rapids, climb ominous peaks and come face to face with monsters of the deep? I do…mostly. Adrenalin junkies across the world seek the most adventurous destinations- for thrills, spills and often dangerous journeys into the unknown.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Mount Thor Climb, Nunavut, Canada

If you’re an avid mountain climber, the world’s steepest peak has probably hit your bucket list. At 5,495 feet tall, the appropriately named Mount Thor boasts a 4,101 foot vertical drop. It’s famous, it’s remote and challenge is the name of the game, if you want to climb it.

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Named after the Norse God of thunder, the granite mountain was first climbed in 1965. Temperatures are freezing and the terrain is filled with glaciers, fjords, panoramic views and – you guessed it – daredevils.

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain

You’ll need coordination, stamina and a whole lot of courage to take part in The Running of the Bulls. Every July, the festival of San Fermin hits the Old Town of Pamplona, in Spain. To start the run, a rocket is fired amid frenzied cheers.

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The hooves of six angry beasts beat down the winding stretch from Santo Domingo, for 825 meters. Unfortunately, the event is well-known for injuries, with everyone from backpackers to locals stumbling in the wake of the death-defying run.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona

Just being in Las Vegas is an adrenalin rush, with the flamboyant casinos, endless rush of party-goers and nightlife that never seems to end. However, head outside town and you’ll find even more action.

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Those scared of heights should keep away from The Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona. Though the risk is decidedly minimal, the glass platform sits a whopping 70 feet above the rim of the canyon, at the Hualapai Indian Reservations.


A land of extremes, visiting Antarctica puts you smack in the middle of the coldest, windiest and driest place on the planet. You’ll need to go on a tour by boat, through rough seas and possible wild weather. But when you make it there, the scenery will knock your socks off.

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The landscape of white and blue includes glaciers, gigantic icebergs and soaring mountains. On this barren, yet majestic backdrop, you’ll see penguins, whales, birds and seals in their freezing, natural habitat.

Great White Shark Dive, South Africa

How would you like to come within just centimetres of razor sharp teeth?  A Great White Shark Dive, in South Africa, is enough to give any adrenalin-junkie an excitement overload.
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Thankfully you don’t have to try to get up-close and personal on your own, as experienced experts are on hand to take you into the deep. You’ll climb into a cage that’s lowered into shark infested waters and simply wait for the moment of arrival. Just try to keep the theme song from ‘Jaws’ out of your mind.

Heaven’s Gate Cable Car Ride, China

With a name like ‘Heaven’s Gate’, you know you’re in for a fun ride. China’s Tianmen Shan is the longest cable car ride in the world, running a distance of 7,455 metres. It starts from Zhangjiajie all the way to world travel destination, Heaven’s Gate Mountain.

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Along the way, you’ll see sub-tropical forests, staggering mountain peaks and incredible views. A warning though, the steepest section climbs at an angle of 38 degrees, so you might want to hold on.

Zorba, Rotorua, New Zealand

As far as holiday destinations go, New Zealand ranks high for adventure activities. There’s mountain climbing, world-class snow skiing, bungee-jumping, hiking, rafting, fishing, boating and more.

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Why don’t you try something different though, and roll down a hill in a huge, inflatable ball? Zorb New Zealand, in Rotorua, has a fast track to race your friends on, a zig-zag one for extra twists and the Zorb Drop Track which takes you to –you guessed it – a ‘mystery’ drop.

Ice Swimming, Finland

When you travel the world, experiences that take your breath away are the ones you cherish the most. In Finland however, one of the country’s favourite traditions literally will rob you of your breath, not to mention shock your senses to the core.

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Ice swimming is, basically, exactly as it sounds. You stand half naked on a frozen lake and plunge into holes cut into thick ice. Of course, this isn’t something you should do on your own, so go to one of many Finnish saunas, with ice swimming centres, and join the locals. Your circulation will thank you for it.

Volcano Boarding, Nicaragua

As if going anywhere near a volcano isn’t sweat-inducing in itself, true daredevils actually attempt to ‘ride’ them. On the active Cerro Negro volcano, just outside of Leon, picture yourself first attempting to scale over loose rock, with a wooden board strapped to your back.

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Then, you decide if you want to stand up or sit down – both options present different perils. At least you’ll have your protective suit and goggles on. When you’re ready to take the plunge, don’t expect a smooth ride, as the surface is friction intense, to add to the challenge.

White-water Rafting, Chile

Fancy rafting down one of the most exhilarating rivers in the world? The Futaleufu River flows through the Chilean Andes, attracting rafting enthusiasts from across the globe. Its name translates from a local Tehuelche Indian world, meaning ‘big big river’.

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Rafting trips can take you on a descent from 160 feet above sea level, near the Argentinian border. The unpredictable ride through powerfully rushing rapids is not for the faint of heart, but adrenalin-junkies will relish every spine-tingling second.

Mountain Bike Riding, North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Are you an extreme mountain bike rider? How about heading off on a trail known as ‘The Death Road”? The name is the result of an estimated 300 annual deaths, however over 25,000 riders still take the challenge, every year.

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North Yungus Road, in Bolivia, takes you on the ultimate journey, along a narrow, single-lane path. As you cycle with spectacular views of the Amazon rainforest, you’ll need to keep your eyes firmly on it, to avoid the sheer drop below.

The Cage of Death, Darwin, Australia

Hands up if you’d like to have an encounter with a prehistoric monster? The closest you’ll probably ever get, is at Crocosaurus Cove, in Darwin, Australia. Though you can spot crocodiles in the wild, this experience gives you an unparalleled view.

First, you’ll get to hang in a suspended cage above the crocs, before being lowered into the enclosure for a 15 minute dive. Handlers feed the crocs to ensure plenty of interaction, as you enjoy 360 degree views of the giant, saltwater reptiles.

Exciting? Yes. Daring? Yes! But, most of all, adrenalin-inducing adventures give you the opportunity to experience life-changing moments. So, what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and plunge in to the action.