In todays modern world people are always worrying about staying healthy so why should our holidays be any different? You can always try the local cuisine and specialties but remember to eat in moderation. Some places, such as America, make it a little harder to keep a healthy diet with their excessive portions and fatty food. Who wants to spend their holiday traipsing through supermarkets instead of the sights? Keep reading to find out my tips on how to stay healthy on your travels through the land of large.

There are many ideas and theories floating around the internet which will give you sound advice in regards to diet and staying healthy. The only difference between this post and one of the many already online is that we are focusing on staying healthy while travelling meaning you won’t be missing out on any of the specialty dishes. Isn’t that the whole point of travelling?

The following advice can and should be used for any travelling throughout the world, not only the America. As an avid traveller, not an expert in the field of nutrition I will share the best practices for staying healthy on a road trip. These are all based on my own personal experiences.

1. Breakfast like a king.

Everyone starts their day with breakfast. In the USA there are plenty of fast food options — PLEASE DON’T BE TEMPTED! There are an abundance of healthier alternatives to get the same goodies, for example, instead of going to Mc Donald’s maybe you could try ordering a dish with similar ingredients from a cafe down the road. Even thinking about the food, I know which one I’d prefer!

2. Lunch like a prince.

With a big breakfast in your belly you can wait a bit longer for lunch and take advantage of the lunch specials in the afternoon not only to save some money but also making sure you won’t be sleeping with a heavy stomach. Whenever I’m travelling I try to have lunch anywhere from 2pm until 5pm, this way I tend to miss the ‘lunch’ or ‘dinner’ rush and most of the time I still get some great deals on the lunch specials.

3. Dinner like a pauper.

This is the time to have a fast food meal if you really want one simply because you shouldn’t be that hungry assuming you’ve taken the advise above. I’ll always recommend a restaurant or cafe over any fast-food place for the freshness and quality of meals. Typically, after a whole day of eating as mentioned above I’m happy to have some street food for dinner since most street food is light and delicious.

4. Snacks.

It’s inevitable that you will get hungry while travelling. My weakness is when travelling in just about any vehicle where I’m not driving. No fret! There’s a simple solution, make sure to stock up on healthy snacks and something to drink. I find that the more I sit around looking out the window (what else can you do in a when travelling?) the hungrier I get so there are always a few snacks and a drink on hand. Muesli bars and fruit make great options to quench those cravings.

5. Exercise.

Thinking a holiday is an excuse not to exercise? Wrong! Most hotels and hostels throughout the world will either provide or point you in the direction something similar to a gym where you can continue your regular workout schedule, don’t think I’m telling you to keep going to the gym five days a week. Treat it like a relaxed gym schedule, maybe a morning workout before breakfast or late night session will be sufficient. Alternatively, if you’re like me and try to avoid the gym feel free to run around the block or have a relaxing jog through the city visiting the sights. I can’t think of a better way to kill two birds with one stone.

6. Sight-seeing the healthy way.

The best way to see the sights in most cities is by walking, alternatively you could hire a bicycle and cycle everywhere. City rental bike companies are branching into cities throughout the USA such as New York and San Francisco. Cycling is great for your health, great for the environment, cheap and there are so many more benefits I could mention. The only negative side to cycling around cities is the smell of a cyclist after a long day of sight-seeing in the heat — I hope you’ve packed some good deodorant!

7. Road trip specifics.

Road trips have one advantage over most other methods of travel for me. They allow me to travel with more because I won’t be carrying it but it will be taking up space in the car. One thing I always pick up just after I get the car is an cool box to store food, keep things fresh and cold, don’t forget to pick up some ice. It’s always a good idea to stop by the supermarket to pick up snacks, breakfast and dinner supplies while saving your money for those big breakfasts or amazing late lunches.

8. Stay hydrated!

It’s very important to keep up your fluids and I don’t mean alcohol. Do your best to travel with a bottle of water at all times, unless you know where your next source of water is you don’t want to risk being caught out in an unfamiliar city.

Staying healthy while travelling isn’t hard, in my own experience it just involves a bit more flexibility and preparation to be successful. What do you do to stay healthy on the road? Please share some of your own staying healthy tips in the comment section below.