Tuscany is an area in central Italy known for its beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage and wine producing. The capital of Tuscany, Florence, is the birthplace of the Renaissance and was a home to such outstanding people as Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. The best time to visit Tuscany is from May to June and from September to October. The climate here is mild since mountains protect this part of Italy from the northern winds.

Tuscan-style vacation

Choosing a vacation in Tuscany means choosing a village style of travel. Agriturismo is a special style of recreation. Its main feature is living in a rural house or villa. You can participate in the village life, eat local organic products and drink fine Italian wine. The best areas for agriturismo are located nearby the cities of San Quirico D’Orcia, Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino. In addition, a great idea is to stay in the vicinity of the famous valley of Val de Orcia, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List for its unreal beauty.

The best way to immerse into the Tuscan atmosphere is to rent a private villa. This type of accommodation will allow you to enjoy Italian country lifestyle, stunning sceneries and delicious food. Living in a Tuscan villa with a family or a group of friends is especially fun.

Located among the hills, cypresses and flowers, luxury villas not only please with its aesthetic appearance but offer everything you need for a comfortable stay. Cozy bedrooms, perfectly equipped kitchen, magnificent halls with fireplaces and patio all look like in the movies.

Borgo Il Melone

One of the examples of Tuscan villa accommodation is Borgo Il Melone. There are several buildings on a large territory of Borgo Il Melone, a swimming pool, a restaurant and two beautiful gardens. In addition, there is a vineyard and an olive grove. In the 19th century, it was an estate surrounded by farmer’s houses. Nowadays little villa-apartments, restaurant etc. are located around the main administrative building.

Some call this place a hotel, and some – villa. In fact, you get the finest European quality multi-room apartment. This place is spacious, modern, bright and cozy. Walking around its territory is like walking in a small village.

Villa Augusto

Villa Augusto looks like a real museum. This is a small private estate surrounded by a large park on the hillside in a suburb of Cortona. The villa was built in 1773 and belonged to the grandfather of the current owner Augusto Bietolini. Before the grandfather of Bietolini, the villa belonged to the Spanish descendants of the House of the Bourbons, the oldest European monarchic dynasty. By the will of fate and in the course of history the descendants of the Bourbons were forced to settle in Cortona. The coat of arms of the Bourbon family adorns the central entrance of the villa.

One of the main advantages staying here is an opportunity to have dinner outside with a glass of wine while watching a sunset in a company of ancient statues of angels and knights.

Montrogoli Chianti Villa & Holiday Home

Montrogoli Chianti Villa is located in Chianti Classico region in Tuscany. The ancient villa with an olive grove belonged to the parents of the current owners Arianna and Alessio. Here you can relax by the pool, eat a home-cooked food and reserve a trip to the nearest wineries and cheese dairy.

The villa itself was built back in the 13th century and restored according to the original architecture. Its traditional Tuscan interior combines modern comfortable pieces with antique furniture. Montrogoli Chianti Villa offers a spectacular panoramic view from a lovely terrace, bicycle trips in the surrounding areas and relaxing in a hammock in a large garden.

How to find and book villa in Tuscany

Option #1: Do not bother with an online search, just come and look for a place upon arrival. The main advantage of this method is that you can make a decision based on what you see yourself, rather than trust the pictures online. But the downside is that you may spend a lot of time and car fuel while searching.

Option #2: Use specialized Italian websites, such as agriturismo.it. Keep in mind that you will have to make an upfront payment and the prices are more expensive comparing to booking.com. Also, always check for GPS coordinates, since sometimes it is difficult to find a villa in a Tuscan village without knowing its exact location.

Option #3: Use popular accommodation aggregators like booking.com. The advantage is that you can read the feedback from previous visitors and often there is no prepayment. Each villa is usually tied to a certain agriturismo area, therefore, first of all, decide on a location and then look for villas.

Exploring Tuscany

Tuscany welcomes everybody: from art lovers and gourmets to ordinary tourists who came here to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on our planet. In Tuscany it is best to travel by car, avoiding noisy freeways and winding along the serpentine narrow country roads, many of which were built by the ancient Romans.

Start your journey with the capital of this region. Florence stands on the Arno River and is surrounded by its picturesque hills. This city invites you to immerse in the world of art, culture and deep wine and gastronomic traditions. Explore the center of Florence, where the streets beckon to take a photo on every corner. Get yourself a cup of tasty Italian coffee and enjoy street musicians or just observe the life of the city. After overcoming 414 steps, you may find yourself at the top of the bell tower of the Duomo cathedral. As a reward, you will have a chance to enjoy a spectacular view of Florence right from the heart of the city.

Another must-visit Tuscan city is Siena, which historical center declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. This is a perfect place to feel the charm of medieval city by visiting the Medici fortresses and walking along Piazza del Campo. Also visit the magnificent examples of Gothic influence in medieval architecture – the Cathedral and Palazzo Pubblico.

Cortona is an Italian city located on the border of Tuscany and Umbria. Cortona rises at an altitude of 600 meters above the Val di Chiana. The history of Cortona can be traced more than 2000 years back. Virgil mentioned Cortona in some of his works. The winding streets, numerous staircases, the gateways, small squares, ancient buildings make this city a stunning medieval labyrinth. Far from the noisy cities, Cortona offers calm and dolce vita.

Famous for its wine production, the Chianti Valley is located within six cities: Prato, Pisa, Pistoia, Siena, Arezzo and Florence. The central part of the famous Chianti region of Italy is called Chianti Classico.This area was immortalized in many famous paintings and even modern cinema. Such popularity is not accidental because Chianti is a region that honors traditions and is famous for its well-preserved ancient architecture. Here you may not just relax with a glass of wine, but also immerse in the atmosphere of antiquity.