Considering a tropical escape to the Caribbean? Do it! There’s a wealth of natural treasures to be discovered, but where to start? The tiny island of Tobago is a superb choice, and offers travellers a glimpse of the unknown. Far less touristy than other nearby islands, discover Tobago and leave the tourist trails and crowds far behind.

While it differs from neighbouring islands in that it doesn’t rely on tourism, that’s not to say there isn’t a vast array of things to do in Tobago. On the contrary; the island offers an artist’s sketch book of natural beauty, from misty rainforests to exotic beaches. But far more than just a pretty face, cultural discoveries, tropical flavours and friendly, welcoming locals also await visitors to Tobago.

Not convinced? We’ve compiled a brief guide of the top ten things to do in Tobago to help you make your mind up. There’s something to suit all kinds of travellers, so slip on your shades and get in the holiday mood!

10) Liming on the Beach

Tobagonians are huge believers in not taking life too seriously and are keen to enjoy it to the max. In fact, they’ve created the term Liming to reflect just that. Liming means relaxing, chilling out and socializing, the true spirit of the island. What better way than to head to one of the many stunning beaches on the island? There are a great many to choose from, including;

  • Pigeon Point, white sand paradise, complete with bars, restaurants and numerous amenities
  • Mt Irvine Beach, a great spot for a spot of surfing or lunch
  • Pirate’s Bay, where the locals like to hang out, and also a fantastic spot for snorkelling
  • Store Bay, white sands and great swimming
  • Buccoo Beach, a beach paradise located next to the stunning Buccoo Reef. Each weekend a huge cultural party takes place, with steel bands, BBQ’s and elaborate costumes, come along and soak up the local spirit.


There are plenty of opportunities for surfing, body boarding, swimming and paddle boarding at the various beaches on Tobago, with surf shops renting out the necessary equipment. Glass bottomed boat tours can also be enjoyed from Store Bay, or simply relax with a refreshing drink.

9) Have a Putt at Golf

Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, it’s well worth checking out the various golf courses on Tobago. The Tobago Plantations Golf Club takes in numerous indigenous features, and looks like no golf course you’ve seen before. Lovers of the sport may enjoy the award-winning Mt Irvine Bay Golf Course, which is also set within idyllic surroundings.

8) Discover Diving

With so many beaches across the island, it comes as no surprise that there are numerous opportunities to discover diving. There are many great places to grab a snorkelling kit and explore the various reefs yourself, such as Pirate’s Bay.

To go deeper, check out Kariwak Reef and Flying Reef with Undersea Tobago to discover an array of marine life, including sharks, turtles and rays. Alternatively, head to Rocky Point to explore the Maverick Ferry Wreck. There are numerous, ancient corals to see, but if you don’t dive, no problem. Take a glass bottom boat tour from Pigeon Point.

7) Enjoy the Goat Races

Head to Buccoo Bay to enjoy one of the island’s longest running traditions, Goat Racing! Originally known as horse racing for the lower classes, the sport has grown in popularity over the years and there is now even an annual festival dedicated to it. Races are run throughout the year, and make for an alternative day out!

6) Go Off Road

The island is a mere 10km wide by 41km long, making it a great place to explore. There are several ways you can hit the lesser trodden path, including horse riding tours, mountain biking, off road motorcycling or jeep tours. Alternatively, check out NJM Fun Park and take a 1-hour ATV tour over an easy-going trail.

5) Explore the Rainforest

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking in Tobago, with the rainforest offering magical and mysterious surroundings. Short hikes into the forest include discovering the enchanting Castara Waterfall, a refreshing place to cool down from the heat of the day. Trek through giant bamboo groves to the Argyle Waterfall and enjoy the awesome power of nature. A guided tour of the Tobago Forest Reserve is a must, as you will discover things that you might easily miss on your own, such as the Blood Tree.

4) Fishing; Reel ‘em in

Fishing may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but the offshore sport fishing practiced by Hard Play is well worth checking out. Part soothing relaxation as you float over the ocean, part made adrenaline rush when you get a bite, it’s a bizarre blend, and a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

In the jolly company of Captain Gerard “Frothy” de Silva, learn the ropes, chill out and have a great time hearing stories from the wild ocean. Hard Play practice catch and release fishing.

3) Discover the Tastes of the Region

The tastes and aromas that waft through the side stands of Store Bay and Mt Irvine Beach are out of this world and it would be a crime to miss out on this spectacular, local street food. Enjoy sumptuous seafood such as Curried Crab ‘n Dumplings or Shark ‘n Bite.

Head to Buccoo Harbour every Sunday night to enjoy a weekly party. Here you’ll find more local dishes served fresh, plus enjoy rums and beers from the region. Who said Sunday night should be quiet?

2) Explore the Cocoa Estate

The Tobago Cocoa Estate is a great place for lovers of chocolate to explore. Learn about how chocolate is made from the fermented seeds of cocoa pods, and take a tour of the estate, which is home to over 23,000 trees. Of course, you might even get to sample some of the goods as well!

1) Enchanting Wildlife

The island of Tobago is home to a rich array of wildlife, some of which will be blindingly obvious as you walk the streets or forest trails, while other creatures are more reserved. From the rich marine wildlife that can be encountered on the beaches and while diving, to the hundreds of different birds filling the trees and skies with vibrant colours and beautiful song, there’s so much to discover.

Head deep into Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve with renowned local guide Newton George to discover the various birds of the forest. Later, enjoy the hummingbirds at the Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve.

The forests are home also to an array of snakes, wild boar, armadillos, iguanas, and the agouti (reminiscent of a giant Guinea Pig), among many other rare species. Head to Corbyn Local Wildlife Park for a guided journey of discovery.

With so many great things to do in Tobago, the only question is which will you do first? Oh, and of course, why haven’t you booked your flights yet!?