Travel is cool, but you know what makes it even cooler? Travelling with super awesome gadgets and gizmos. It’s not like you need them to travel, but they can certainly make the travelling experience a lot easier and a lot richer. So, the question is, what are the best travel gadgets for 2017? Not only that, but which ones are just perfect for you?

Ostrich Pillow

Not all gadgets have to be electronic. The Ostrich Pillow was originally the product of a great crowdfunding campaign, and thank god for people wanting to crowd fund this. It is, without a doubt, one of the best travel gadgets for 2017 for those looking to head on long haul flights when they travel. The Ostrich Pillow means that you can – somewhat metaphorically – stick your head in the sand; complete with sensory deprivation and all.
What’s amazing about the Ostrich Pillow is that it actually is comfortable. It’s not like other neck pillows where you have to keep adjusting your head to get the right angle. The Ostrich Pillow is comfy and versatile. Definitely, a must have gadget for 2017, 2018, 2019, and forever (until teleportation and super portable beds are invented).

USB Adapters

When we say USB adapters, that’s not USB hubs. What we really mean is adapters for changing the type of socket you have from the standard ‘full form’ USB adapter you might use with your laptop, to the smaller micro or mini USB port you might find on the bottom of your phone. This is especially true now, where the best travel gadgets for 2017 are all about portability and convenience.

These things are great for anyone who takes a lot of pictures and needs to move them about on flash disk media. You can then just stick your USB stick or hard drive into either your laptop of your phone with the aid of the adapter. If you want to email your pics to someone, it couldn’t be easier. You can even do it on the move from your mobile if you’re using a DSLR. Just take the SD card out, hook it up to a USB card reader and plug it into your phone. Bingo!
The great thing about these little guys is that they’re super cheap. Don’t worry about having to pay too much for one. You can even get them for less than $6.

Portable Storage

On that note, portable storage is another Gadget we can’t but stress enough about. There are a wealth of different options for those who want to make sure they have their best holiday snaps backed up, so there is no excuse for you not making sure you have one of them. They’re super lightweight and easy to put into your bag, and they’re worth every penny to ensure your memories aren’t lost.

Weatherproof Phone Case

2018 may very well become the year of the waterproof phone, but back here in 2017, that’s still only just starting to happen. Many phones do have waterproofing versions, but all too many also don’t. If you’re heading somewhere with lots of water, like Southeast Asia, bringing along a waterproof phone case might be the difference between being able to take your phone with you to the beach, and not.

We’ve all tried using a cheap zip lock bag instead, but having a proper case means you’ll not only have a protected phone but one you’ll be able to use.

Some Camera Lenses for Your Mobile Phone

This one isn’t to everyone’s taste, but we think that they’re definitely worth it as one of the best travel gadgets for 2017. Sure, you won’t get the same quality as you would if you used an actual DSLR camera, but then you also aren’t spending as much.
Lenses for your mobile phone’s camera can give you an edge over just using the stock camera your phone comes equipped with. This is especially true if you think you’re going to be zooming at all. Zoom on mobiles is really, really bad. We mean, it’s terrible. Atrocious. We don’t want to talk about it.
The point is, a good lens add-on pack for your mobile will mean you can zoom without losing quality on your images. They’ll be just a crisp and clear as they would otherwise, you’ll just be able to see more.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

No, we’re not talking about headphones which just happen to have a tight seal (which is great). We’re talking about active noise cancellation by means of software and hardware combined. Once you put in a pair of active noise cancelling headphones, you’ll immediately be able to tell the difference. If you’ve got a really good pair, like the Bose Quiet Control Wireless Headphones, then you probably won’t even be able to hear anything unless you’ve got eagle hearing.

The only problem is that these are usually quite a bit more expensive than standard headphones. If you’re looking to purchase a pair and are somewhat of a budget traveller, it might be a good idea to think about how often you’re actually going to use them. They should be for more than just the plane or relaxing on a noisy beach.

An E-Reader

Whilst we’re not all frequent readers, there is usually at least one point when we’re out travelling and we’re confronted with a bit of downtime. That’s the perfect time to break out a good old fashioned book and enjoy some more traditional entertainment.

The most famous E-Reader out there is the Kindle. You’ve probably heard of it. If you think the Kindle is a bit on the pricey side, you can always try a cheaper alternative. There are a lot of them out there from less famous brands which work just as well.

A Portable Solar Charger

Last, but by no means least: the portable solar charger.
In an age where electronics are everywhere and help us to do everything, it’s important to make sure yours are charged. Sure, most places in the world have easy access to electricity and plug sockets, but what happens if you just happen to stay in a place where they don’t?
Portable Solar Chargers are actually relatively cheap now, and they mean that you’ll never run out of electricity (as long as it daytime and not cloudy). Definitely one of our top picks for best travel gadgets for 2017.

You Don’t Need Them, But…

Ok, we’ll admit that a lot of these you don’t actually NEED, but why let that stop you? They’re great for any traveller looking to expand their travelling gadgetry horizons. We’re not saying to invest in all of them, but one, or two, or three… or four? You decide.