Who can resist a country with endless beaches, an uncountable number of ancient sights, or where the people are friendly, wine is amazing and the food is plentiful. I, like many others, like to google a place before deciding whether or not to visit, Greece is one of those places you could read over a hundred articles or blog posts and still have no clear idea what to do during your visit. One of the most difficult decisions has to be to spend your time on the mainland or go island hopping, unfortunately, that’s a decision that only you can make.

Today, I aim to make planning your trip to Greece much easier! Here are 5 things you can’t miss …

Food and drinks:

Everyone needs to eat to survive, if we all ate Greek food like they did in ancient times I’m sure we’d all be thriving just as they were. Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, you will not be disappointed when travelling throughout Greece. With so many succulent options available you will be hard pressed to try everything with a short holiday so you’ll be wanting to make a return journey just for the food. Make sure to try something with octopus, the casserole like moussaka, a proper souvlaki and traditional baklava, these should be enough to entice you and start your wonderful foodie experience of Greece.

Why should we struggle with the choice of what to eat? Greece had the answer all along, Meze, this not so simple dish is literally a combination of everything. What better way to enjoy your holiday than filling up with delicious food and relaxing with some world class wine? Maybe some Ouzo after your meal? What about a coffee and a chat over a late breakfast? Either way, Greece has you sorted with an array of wines that rival the Italian wines in my opinion and cafes in every direction.

Getting Cultured:

History is everywhere in this ancient country, it may have changed over time, you may have to purchase a ticket to enter but I doubt you’ll get bored exploring the ancient sights such as Delphi, Corinth or Acropolis. Most people think of hopping the islands when holidaying in Greece but those people will be missing out on the mystical Meteora where you can bare witness to some of the most fascinating monasteries built on the tops of cliffs. Don’t forget to check out some of the museums while you’re there.

Maybe you want to get as close to the gods like they did in ancient Greece and climb mount Olympus or explore towns and cities that are older than you and your parents. With a variety of ghost towns to choose from giving visitors a glimpse into Greek history and a sense of what it felt like to live in the past.

Island hopping

One of the more popular activities for tourists to participate in while visiting Greece is island hopping. The countries location in the south of Europe being surrounded by coastlines gives travellers plenty of opportunities to explore the wider Greece. Some islands are more well known than others for various reasons such as the party island of Mykonos, the beautiful of Santorini or Rhodes and relaxing Corfu. This is the place where you can have a one island getaway when you visit an island just to party for the weekend, then head to a relaxing island for the next few days before catching the sights.

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing an island to explore, the best thing is that it’s not that difficult to find your way to each individual island. If you are planning an island hopping trip, be aware that the weather plays a huge role in how your actual holiday will pan out, so plan accordingly.

Meet some locals:

If you don’t know anything about the Greek people and their culture you should watch ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ just to give you an idea of how friendly the locals can be but also a little insight to some of the more interesting Greek customs. If you happen to be on the receiving end of an invite from a local, please, for your own good, accept it. Don’t speak Greek? They don’t speak English? No worries, Greeks are some of the most hospitable people in the world. There are plenty of festivals and celebrations during the summer giving you a first hand insight to their culture. If you get invited to a greek wedding, you’d be stupid not to take it, they’ve been in movies for ages so the vast majority of people would have an idea of what a Greek wedding looks like but a real one is much better. Greeks are famed for their beauty for thousands of years, so, if you’re single this should be your next holiday!

Take advantage of photo opportunities:

Yes, taking a camera with the sole purpose of documenting your trip to Greece can be seen as a negative aspect or drawing you away from the moment, but, please bare with me here. Once you’ve seen your first Greek sunrise or sunset, you will want to make the most of this time everyday. For me, I flew into Athens international airport in the early hours of the morning, dropped my bag off at the hotel, had a coffee and made my way towards Acropolis while the sun was rising. Witnessing this scene gave me all the incentive I needed to photograph the sunset from wherever I could, like the roof of the hotel or going for a hike just to find the perfect spot.

This is the perfect time to relax, bring a bottle of wine or some coffee, something to eat, your camera and relax while enjoying this magical moment that happens every day. Yes, the sun rises and sets in every country around the world, in Greece, it seemed a little more special to me and I hope it does for you too.

What do you love about Greece? What recommendations would you give your friends or family travelling to Greece? Let me know in the comment section below!